Drive Magic

  • Drive Magic
  • Versión : 5
  • Licencia : Free to try
  • Plataforma : Windows
  • Desarrollador : Home
  • Categoría : Utilities & Operating Systems / Diagnostic Software

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Drive Magic

Sanitize, protect, and secure any magnetic drive or USB drive. The process of sanitizing a drive means overwriting each unused track several times to erase the data that was there. This applies to the free drive space only. Drive Magic will never harm your existing files like so many others. Drive Magic also now contains four patent pending sanitation methods which will clean, protect, and extend the life of any magnetic drive. Our state of the art sanitation process will also cap off remaining sectors and recondition the unused free drive space–this helps extend the life of the device. Sanitizing a drive using Drive Magic ensures that deleted files can never be recovered.

This version is the first release on CNET

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