• MemoKit
  • Versión : 3.0
  • Licencia : Free to try
  • Plataforma : Windows
  • Desarrollador : Home
  • Categoría : Utilities & Operating Systems / Diagnostic Software

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MemoKit combines a memory and cache optimizer with a memory and resource leaks analyzer. It uses a sophisticated algorithm for PC memory optimization and recovery, which provides PCs with fast responses, even in memory overload conditions. The Memory and Resources Leaks Graphic Analyzer helps you to find programs that cause leaks.

Other features include the heavy-duty Memory Booster, which lets you work efficiently while running memory-consuming multimedia and Internet applications in extremely low-memory conditions; the Windows Resources Tracker, which can prevent Windows from crashing by warning you when Windows resources become low and helping you to find possible culprits; fhs Memory Optimizer (based on the automatically managed Hysteresis Memory Release mechanism), which increases the system’s overall performance; and Disk Cache Optimizer, which changes and tracks VCache parameters of virtual hard disk cache, improving hard disk performance. In addition, it features the Memory and Resources Real-Time Graphic History that lets you know what programs were running and what memory and resources conditions existed at the chosen moment.

Previous updates included one-click memory recovery, more options, and a new interface. The version 3.0 update features detailed memory and resource consumption reports, the ability to fine-tune the memory auto-recovery function, and a maximum setting for manual memory recovery.

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