Password Administrator

  • Password Administrator
  • Versión : 3.0
  • Licencia : Free to try
  • Plataforma : Windows
  • Desarrollador : Home
  • Categoría : Security Software / Encryption Software

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Password Administrator

Keep a firm grip on all your password information with Password Administrator. This program is available from the system tray and allows you to set up multiple password-protected databases, each with multiple categories to organize your passwords. You can add, edit, and delete categories from a drop-down pick list. Each entry includes fields for ID, password, date, expiration date, two Web addresses, e-mail address, and personal notes. You can launch Web sites in your default browser and even generate new passwords as needed. A variety of options enable you to determine the appearance and security behavior of the program. Other features include logging support, custom reports, search support, custom backgrounds, and automatic database maintenance. Version 2.0 adds grouping and subgrouping, auto-start-up, a choice of user-interfaces, and an expiring-passwords window.

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